Support the Odyssey Initiative

The glut of bad press about American schools and educators makes me want to point one of these speech jammers at the next person I hear use the words ‘broken’ and ‘schools’ in the same sentence.

The antidote to that is the Odyssey Initiative, a project headed up by Brooklyn teacher and former Wall Street hack, Todd Sutler. You should check out their video for yourself, but in case you only have time to go straight to their kickstarter page I will give you the short version of the story.

The team plans to loosely track Arne Duncan’s back to school cross-country bus tour (which starts at my high school in Redwood City BTW!), highlighting schools and classrooms where education is going right. When they’ve had their fill of good vibes and success stories, they will head back to Brooklyn where they are founding their own public school.

Even if all you can do is kick them ten bucks, do it. That will get you on their virtual wall of donors and it is a lot cheaper than the speech jammer that you will need otherwise.

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Teacher, team member, father, neighbor.

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