Gel Nail Polish Brands


Quality matters when selecting a gel nail polish manicure. Look for one with an extended wear time (up to three weeks) that provides a superior finish. Check out the Best info about Nail Polish distributors.

Consider whether each brand offers complementary base and top coat products to achieve optimal results, like Methyl Methacrylate, which has been linked to cancer. Also, look out for any claims of animal testing when making your decision.


Maybelline produces an extensive line of cosmetics for eyes, faces, and lips that are sold globally—its products can be found in more than 120 countries worldwide! It has been based in New York City since 1915.

Maybelline, a subsidiary of L’Oreal for over 100 years, has become well known for its wide selection of beauty products that help women look their best quickly. Furthermore, Maybelline emphasizes empowerment by offering scientifically advanced formulas and revolutionary textures, enabling women to try out new looks while showing off their individuality.

The company’s short animal testing policy stipulates that they do not test finished products or ingredients on animals; however, third parties may conduct animal tests when necessary under the law. Furthermore, their products are sold in mainland China, where the local government requires testing before they are sold there.

L’Oreal, Maybelline’s parent company, has been accused of unethical palm oil production. Supply chains linked to plantation sites use harsh chemicals and physical abuse against workers—practices documented by the Associated Press—so Good Shopping Guide does not consider Maybelline ethically responsible.


Mylee is a British brand offering at-home beauty kits designed to give salon results from your own home. Their nail kits provide everything needed to achieve salon results without leaving home, from nails to waxing and brow tinting services – everything you need for beautiful nails without going to a salon! Their revolutionary gel nail kit boasts everything needed for chip-free manicures lasting up to three weeks with its pro LED curing lamp, Prep & Wipe Lint Free Wipes Mylee Base Coat Top Coat Mylee Base Coat + Top Coat + 8 gorgeous Mylee Gel Polish shades!

Mylee is a cruelty-free brand certified by PETA that does not conduct animal testing of their products. All Mylee products are also vegan- and halal-compliant.


OPI is an industry leader widely recognized for its vast selection of nail polishes and products that enhance nails’ beauty. Notable products from OPI include highly pigmented and long-wearing nail lacquers—ideal for home use as well as professional manicures! Additionally, OPI’s leadership helps raise industry standards, working closely with government agencies and scientists to ensure consumer safety is preserved.

OPI Products was established in 1981 as a cosmetics manufacturer focusing on nail polish. While initially serving the dental supply business, OPI soon pivoted into producing and marketing beauty products such as nail polishes, bases, and top coats, as well as hand and body care items in a wide array of colors and finishes.

OPI gel nail polish system offers a revolutionary new method for providing salon-style manicures at home. This revolutionary system uses base and gel polish that work together to form a solid and long-wearing layer; then, each coat is cured under LED lights for 30 seconds per coat, enabling manicures to be completed much more quickly than with traditional nail polishes.

OPI nail products contain chemicals of potential concern to consumers, including dibutyl phthalate and triphenyl phosphate-plasticizers. The former helps prevent chips and cracks, while ECHA assesses the latter as possibly endocrine disruptors.


Essie nail polishes have long been the go-to nail polish brand of choice among salon professionals, beauty enthusiasts, industry insiders, and fashion icons worldwide. Essie Weingarten founded her namesake brand in 1981 with her passion for color. Since then, thousands of shades worth obsessing over have been produced; today essie remains committed to high standards of quality and safety: all their nail care products are free of formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene and Camellia Oil (Camellia Oil); while their remover also remains acetone-free.

Essie On Hand is the latest revolutionary nail polish try-on service from Essie Inc. This tool uses primary camera technology to track the shape of your nails and fingers to provide the perfect application every time, offering a seamless augmented reality experience before purchasing!

Essie brand nail polishes are well-known, as is its range of nail treatments and removal products – for example, the Essie Nail Treatment Thinner can help reduce viscosity, so it applies and removes easily – the ideal companion to complement any shade from its collection!

Essie brand nail polishes are widely known for being cruelty-free and 8-free, making them suitable for anyone seeking to make conscious choices when selecting beauty products. Their original nail polish, expressive quick-dry polish, and gel couture long-wear nail polish all include cruelty-free ingredients, and each is available as both vegan and 8-free.

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