Edtech Innovation Curve – Infographic

Online teaching and learning are charging into the public sector like a freight train. As my colleagues and I consider how to best meet the challenge of this fast-paced transition, it is helpful to see edtech innovation as movement along a curve of integration. To help my colleagues conceptualize the trajectory I have created this infographic. Perhaps you will find it useful as well.

The image will link to a larger format that will download for better viewing.

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6 Responses

  1. whereiskatima

    Awesome graphic. I think this gets to the point of ‘going online’ not just being a change over which occurs one summer as some would like to believe. I think there is a still a huge misconception of how on line learning is a tool as opposed to something different in the way of ‘learning’. Passed this blog on to some people who are in LinkedIn groups about STEM ed.

  2. I love the graphic, but don’t agree with one aspect. I have seen districts adopt individual online courses (especially credit recovery) as the first step. I think blended models might be much later in the progression. What’s very clear in your graphic is the delicacy of the advancement; always subject to “organizational retreat”. I would like to use this graphic in a presentation at Southern Oregon University next month (attribute and provide link).

    Don W. Brown, D.Ed.
    aka drsgtbrown

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