How to Get People Out of Their Living Rooms and Into Your Real Estate Listings


Think about the fatigued potential purchasers who have just gotten home from a hard day at the office and are resting their socked feet on the couch. (I know you’ve been there!) However, as the listing agent, it is your responsibility to convince them to return to their vehicle for a tour of the property.

Where are they most likely to become sidetracked when making the trek from their living room to your listing?

As soon as you do, you’ll be able to take steps to avoid them. (You won’t be able to entice every possible buyer with your listing, but even if you only implement a couple of these strategies, you should see positive results.)

The first step is to keep them from falling behind right away.

It may sound obvious, but prospective buyers need to be aware that your listing exists before they can even consider it. We’ve seen a lot of homes go unnoticed over the years because the selling agent input the internet data in a way that was inaccessible to potential buyers and agents.

* Be as detailed as possible; you never know what might be useful. Do the condo amenities include a mother-in-law suite or an elevator? If so, please specify that in the description!

* Don’t provide irrelevant details that could result in it being excluded from online real estate search results because of someone’s overly specific search parameters.

* Verify the accuracy of the information included in the online listing. (It’s not unusual for a house’s listing to misrepresent its location or to say that it has a carport instead of a garage.)

The next step is to make them CLICK.

Your offering appears in the search results with an average of twenty other properties. What makes your link worth visiting? Make sure potential purchasers continue with you by making that exterior photo appealing.

* What aesthetic qualities do you have that attract your ideal clientele? Make sure they stand out prominently in the picture and aren’t accidentally obscured.

De-clutter the yard, put away the garbage cans, and move the cars out of the driveway before taking an exterior shot.

* Adjust the photo so that the lighting is ideal (not too dim or gloomy).

Three, have them get into their vehicle.

This is the point at which they should perk up and reach for the keys to the car after viewing your online photo gallery.

Get the house ready first. De-cluttering a room might have a much greater impact than hiring a professional home stager.

For indoor images, we recommend a 24 mm camera. (With a 35mm camera, interiors will appear cramped.)

* Adjust the lighting and color in your images. Brightening the lighting in almost all interior pictures is a must.

Step 4: Usher them in from the sidewalk.

If the outside of the house is well-staged, potential buyers will be interested in taking a look inside after just a quick drive-by. Here are a few suggestions for enhancing their interest.

* Ensure that there is a direct sightline from the street to the entrance. (There aren’t any overbearing flora or manmade barriers to entry.)

* Point them in the direction of your house using visual cues. For this purpose, colorful plant pots are ideal.

Fifth, make sure they don’t get separated at the front door!

Everyone waits at the front door while the agent fumbles with the key after they’ve scheduled a showing. While they wait, where do their eyes naturally go? Everything! You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so make it count.

It’s important to regularly sweep the sidewalks and front doorways. (Dust and leaves are depressing because they pile up.)

Spend the extra twelve bucks on a new doormat, preferably one that says “Welcome.”

* Provide visual stimulation. Their attention is held rather than wandering as they take in the vibrant potted plant.

Step 6: Allow the process to continue within you.

Keep in mind that you have a strategy in place to ensure that they leave with a favorable view of the home’s selling points once they go inside.

To provide a smooth transition from one space to the next, you should relocate or store away any obstructions.

* Direct them around the house using landmarks they can see.

* Be alert to any unpleasant odors that require attention.

Seventh, put together a whole offering.

Truth be told, real estate salespeople don’t close deals with purchasers. Homebuyers do much of the selling for the seller; our job is to streamline the process as much as possible. At the end of the presentation, you could wonder if there was anything of value they missed.

Use note cards to highlight features that could otherwise go unnoticed, such as a pantry, advanced wiring, or additional storage.

* Give out a pamphlet highlighting the best features of the area that a first-time tourist could miss.

In conclusion:

Improving your and your home-selling clients’ chances of success is what it’s all about. If you put these methods to work for you, you’ll see more interest in, and enthusiasm for, your real estate listings among potential purchasers.

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