How to Create a Brand-New Flagstone Pathway


Your front door is ground zero for curb appeal. The path in front of your house should be inviting and attractive. Natural flagstones can give your front walkway a fresh look and improve its curb appeal if you are unhappy with its current appearance. It’s possible to use natural stone, such as pavers. The natural stone look, earthy tones, and varied textures of flagstone made it an easy choice for our project.

The two most common methods for installing flagstone are on a bed of sand or using mortar. We opted to permanently install the flagstone by setting it in a mortar bed for our project.

We went with a curved concrete path that started at the front door and ended at the driveway. We’d have to chip away some of the concrete paths so the stones could meet the driveway seamlessly. Because of this, we had to take extra time to break up the old concrete and replace it with a new concrete bed.

We started our job by carefully measuring the space to be covered and calculating how much material would be required. Here are the measures you need to do to finish the project:

Determine how much of each material is needed by taking measurements of the current pathway.
The current concrete path must be torn up and thrown away.
Prepare a fresh concrete foundation by mixing and pouring a bed.
Pick out the flagstone.
Flagstones should be sorted for the project by thickness and size.
Flagstones should be laid with thin set mortar on a concrete slab.
The freshly laid flagstone should be sealed.
Fill the cracks with the right kind of grout.
Grout and flagstone finishing touches.
According to the measurements, the region was roughly 100 square feet and 3 to 4 inches in depth. We can estimate how much stuff we need to finish the job using these numbers. Materials cost estimates are as follows:

One 1,900-pound flagstone pallet.
Bags of Sakrete concrete mix, 23-50 lb.
Medium Bed Mortar, 13 x 50 lb Bags
Thin set mortar, 7 x 50 lb bags
Because it is suggested for bigger grout joints, we went with the Custom Building Products Natural Gray Saltillo Tile Grout.

The project’s first step is to demolish a section of the currently existing concrete path. We busted it up with a jackhammer and loaded the pieces into the truck bed for transport to the dump. During demolition, we discovered wire embedded in the concrete at the entrance. Because of this, we couldn’t reasonably divide it, so we left that part alone. Because of this unexpected change, we had to build a slope with the driveway from the upper area at the entrance to the lower area level. It’s not uncommon for projects to uncover unforeseen challenges. We have the resources to solve this problem but may need extra time.

After breaking up and hauling away as much of the old concrete as possible, we mixed up and poured a fresh concrete bed between the old slab and the driveway. We made the transition easier by sloping the pavement from the front door to the driveway. We also molded the perimeter of the path using plastic garden edging.

Once the concrete had been set, we could begin laying the stones with a thin set. We used the slenderest pieces we could find for the area around the entryway to keep things from getting too towering. We persevered through the arduous process of laying the flagstone, ensuring the height was consistent and a gentle slope led to the driveway.

We used a sealant on the stones when we were done laying them. Since flagstone has a porous surface, sealing it now will prevent the grout from seeping into the stone. During the grouting process, this would make wiping down the flagstone much simpler. Please don’t skip this step, as sealing the flagstone is essential.

We began grouting the stones after waiting for the flagstone sealant to dry. The thickness and width of the grout lines also made this difficult. However, the grout we selected for the job performed admirably because it was made for such an application.

To complete the project, we used a sealer and enhancer on the flagstone and grout to reveal the stone’s original colors.

This was a significant undertaking that called for careful preparation, plenty of patience, and the capacity to adapt to the unexpected. The new flagstone walkway you have built is the product of all your hard work and planning.

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