What Should B2B Post on Social Media?


B2B companies can leverage social media to showcase that they remain current on-field trends and establish themselves as thought leaders. Guide to buy instagram followers.

Making top 10 lists can be an engaging way of sharing relevant information about the business and driving more visitors to its website.

Share Relevant News Articles and Industry Reports

Business-to-business (B2B) companies can use social media as an invaluable platform to share relevant news articles and report that position their organization as industry experts while simultaneously building rapport with potential customers. This content can establish B2B businesses as leading authorities on specific subjects while sparking their audience’s curiosity about purchasing.

B2B companies can use social media to showcase company milestones and accomplishments, creating brand loyalty among customers and employees.

B2B companies can use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to demonstrate how their products or services have helped other businesses succeed. This type of content can showcase how valuable a company’s offerings are to clients while making its company seem more human and relatable to its target audience. Examples of such posts could include customer success stories, infographics, photos, or videos from behind-the-scenes shots or meetings.

Share Milestones and Achievements

B2B social media marketing doesn’t have to be about endless self-promotion; with strategic content creation on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, businesses can organically build followers, gain credibility within their industry, find talent for hire, showcase company culture, and more.

Sharing milestones and accomplishments is an effective way for B2B companies to connect with their audience. If a sales goal has been met, sharing that news on social media as an event of accomplishment shows their customers that you are actively moving forward and growing as a business.

Another example would be if your company has won an award; sharing that news on social media can draw even more attention and potential leads. Furthermore, sharing behind-the-scenes content effectively allows B2B companies to appear more personable and relatable to their audiences.

Share Quotes or Inspirational Messages

One critical b2b social media content idea is sharing quotes or inspirational messages that help connect businesses to their audiences and establish them as thought leaders in their field. Furthermore, sharing such posts humanizes firms and makes them seem more approachable to potential customers.

One effective B2B social media content creation strategy is sharing case studies or testimonials about how your products or services have assisted other businesses. This can be particularly useful for service-based businesses such as marketing agencies that can demonstrate how their work has contributed to client success.

Finally, b2b companies should share behind-the-scenes content from events or conferences they’re attending to generate excitement around them and drive engagement on social media. This can help build anticipation for their upcoming events while creating expectations among followers on social media.

Share Images and Videos

B2B industries provide many images and videos to share with followers, such as product photos, infographics, and behind-the-scenes footage of events or company culture events.

Curated content can help businesses establish themselves as experts in their fields by reaching a wider audience and increasing engagement on social media.

Case studies and customer testimonials can also effectively demonstrate a company’s achievements, as seen through Salesforce’s regular customer success stories on social media, which show how their software has helped other businesses improve sales and customer service. Such content helps establish credibility in the market by encouraging other companies to use the products or services this business promotes.

Share Holiday Posts

B2B companies can make their followers feel loved and appreciated with holiday posts that show appreciation. Positions could include sharing a holiday card, featuring one employee’s accomplishment or success story, or simply wishing their audience a wonderful holiday season.

Infographics effectively convey information in an easily consumable format, like when the sales engagement platform Salesloft creates infographics to highlight new product updates and inform audiences on how best to utilize their features.

Social media users tend to have short attention spans and prefer visual content over long blocks of text. B2B companies can take advantage of this fact by using brief video explainer videos to inform their audiences about their products and services, grab audience interest, increase brand recognition, and entertain viewers at the same time.

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