The Painless Way to Release Your WordPress Site


Claims of ‘one-click’ installation should be viewed skeptically, notwithstanding WordPress’s potency. There are numerous options, from which template to choose to which plugins to install. About three months ago, I plunged and created the WordPress version of my company’s website. Here are some pointers I’ve learned for launching a website (as opposed to a blog) with WordPress that won’t cause you a lot of stress.

Primacy of content

It’s easy to get sidetracked by the look of a website, which is why everyone wants to get right in there. To choose a layout that works for you, I suggest compiling a comprehensive list of all the site features you need. It’s more challenging to fill in blanks and patch flaws after the fact if you begin with the design. You have to settle with whatever is offered if you want to buy a premade WordPress theme, but the good news is that most of these themes are highly customizable.

WordPress Theme Selection

Choosing a theme (or template) for a WordPress website is the process’s most time-consuming and challenging phase. If you search Google for “WordPress themes,” you’ll get 118,016 results. Theme Forest, StudioPress, and Viva Themes were the most reliable in price and quality. My advice is to avoid becoming distracted by the aesthetics and instead zero in on functional designs. In addition, the WordPress theme website should list all the features that come standard with the theme. Please double-check:

Have all the major browsers been tested for compatibility?
Which images, CSS, and other files are included?
If it can be modified using WordPress widgets, it is considered “widget-ready.”
If Help Desk Services Are Offered
User-submitted feedback and star ratings.
Try before you purchase.

Despite claims that the templates were tested in all major browsers, I still had trouble getting my company site up and running with the themes I had installed. There was a little stall as the web pages loaded, which was my main problem. This lasted barely 0.5 seconds, yet it was long enough to frustrate a site visitor. A “live preview” template version is usually available on the site. By previewing it in each significant browser, Please ensure you’re happy with how quickly the site loads.

Just add SEO

Although I believe there is an element of black magic involved with SEO, many valuable plugins are available to help you get started. I tried a few before settling on SEO1. It’s user-friendly and easy to set up, and it performs admirably. After your site has been live for a few weeks, you should grab a free trial of SEO MOZ so you can see how you stack up against the competition and where you can improve your on-page optimization.

Eight Top-Notch Search Engine Optimization Plugins for WordPress

Use hosting with a single click.

You generally won’t require assistance with hosting setup if you know how to configure servers and have access to FTP software. Some web hosting businesses offer ‘one-click’ WordPress installation and hosting packages, ideal for those new to WordPress who want a simple approach to getting their site live. I went with Oz Hosting because it offered everything I needed for only $10 a month. The only catch is that you may have to rely on WordPress to configure your site rather than direct access to the server.

Connect online platforms

Many different plugins are available to help you add social networking functionality to your site so that visitors can easily share, tweet, and “like” pages and posts. Make sure this option is available, though, if you’d like, that the share and ‘like’ buttons only appear on your posts and not on any other pages. The ‘Straightforward Facebook and Twitter share buttons’ that I added to my site have been quite helpful.

Leverage the WordPress user base.

If you run into any trouble working with WordPress, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from the vast online community. If you need help with WordPress, the best place to go is the official site, which contains both user and technical support forums.

Simon Hunter directs Dotpoint, a digital agency in Melbourne that focuses on content creation for websites and blogs. Formerly a journalist, Simon has spent the last decade managing and writing for many websites.

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