Sports Betting Strategies – How to Cover Sports Betting


Covering is the term for betting against the point spread established by sportsbooks, also known as an “against the spread” bet (ATS). Check out to learn more.

A favorite is defined as a team expected to win and given a point spread with a negative sign in front of its number, such as Pittsburgh Steelers -6.5. Conversely, underdog teams must cover points by either winning the game outright or losing by less than their spread total.

Cover bets are a great way to hedge your bets.

Hedging in sports betting is an effective strategy to limit losses and lock in profits by placing a bet with the opposite team at lower odds than your initial one. Although this strategy may seem complicated, if implemented successfully, it can make a dramatic difference in profits.

The best time to hedge bets is before each game starts, before betting lines begin shifting. Once betting has started, however, be mindful that bets could change. When making these bets, it is essential that they are monitored throughout, and the odds are compared between various sportsbooks so as to get the most favorable price and lock in more significant profits.

Hedging bets on point spreads are straightforward but require close monitoring of the game. Favorites will receive a negative number (such as -7) to cover their spread; underdogs receive positive numbers (like +7), in which case they must win by more than that amount before covering their spread.

Moneyline bets offer another means of hedging. While easier than point spread bets due to fewer variables involved, you should still observe the game for any injuries or news that could alter the odds. Check out to learn more

An alternative way of betting, known as hedge bets, can also be utilized on parlays if a specific outcome is desired for your bet. For instance, if four out of the five games on your parlay have already won, and you want to guarantee yourself a profit regardless of what may occur in the last game, an effective hedge strategy would ensure a profitable outcome no matter what may transpire.

Hedging isn’t the only way to ensure profits, but it is one of the easiest and most reliable strategies available. This strategy can be applied to markets such as futures, spreads, or totals; just remember that it differs from arbitrage, which involves betting pre-game on markets.

They offer money back on losing bets.

Cover bets allow you to win your wager even if the team loses, providing a great way to hedge your bets and protect your bankroll. Money-back offers are common in sports events, with money back based on the margin of victory or goals scored; alternatively, you could place a bet against the point spread (a fixed number of points the favorite must win by in order to beat your bet).

In two-way markets, bets can either win or lose. Payouts depend on the odds of each team winning or losing; favorites typically offer reduced payouts, while underdogs may bring higher ones. A winning better’s success in covering the spread while their defeat means beating it is known as beating the spread.

Cover bets can help mitigate your risk of losing an entire stake by spreading it across several events at once, offsetting any losses as they come. Alternatively, an online betting exchange offers another solution by allowing bettors to back a team or horse on one side while simultaneously laying them on another – this process is known as arbitrage and is increasingly used on significant races and football matches, with many sites offering money back specials or free bets on major races or matches.

Full-cover bets, also referred to as full-cover accas, are another popular betting choice that covers all outcomes and can feature up to six selections. With this bet type, the risk of losing all stakes is reduced compared to standard doubles/trebles/accumulators, which can only win when all selections succeed. The odds on each leg of a full-cover bet can vary depending on individual markets and bookmakers involved in an event.

They are available on exchanges.

Many online bookmakers offer an impressive variety of sports betting options, including full-cover bets. An entire cover bet consists of multiple parlays such as Trixie (3 matches and four bets), Yankee (4 games and 11 bets), or Goliath (8 matches and 15 bets), which can have a significant effect on profits when betting on football or basketball games – particularly when trying to chase late goals or make half time/full-time selections. These kinds of bets are especially useful in football betting when trying to chase late goals or risk half-time/full-time selections!

Cover bets can also be placed through betting exchanges such as Sporttrade and Prophet Betting Exchange, providing an advantage in that you can alter odds in your favor to guarantee a profit provided you conduct proper research of the market. Such exchanges offer liquidity similar to stocks by creating market makers identical to what would exist on stock exchanges while being required to provide tight spreads.

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