Shestorms Clothing Reviews – Is Shestorms a Scam?


Shestorms Clothing Reviews

If you’re looking for Shestorms clothing reviews, then look no further. This website has several negative aspects that consumers should be aware of:

  1. Its return policy is completely unreasonably complex. Customers have to pay for return shipping, which makes their purchases all the more questionable.
  2. Its customer service is notoriously poor, and its delivery times are often slow.
  3. Her storms may be a scam, sending buyers fake goods to make them look like they paid for them.

She storms products are cropped to escape copyright issues.

Most images of Shestorms products are copied or cropped to escape copyright issues. The website theme matches that of other suspicious websites. In addition, the company provides unreasonable discounts and sales offers. It seems too good to be true. But many warning signs may indicate that Shestorms is a scam. Here are some of them:

Her storm returns policy is unrealistic and bogus.

If you’ve bought something online and returned it later, you may have wondered about Shestorms’ returns policy. Unfortunately, it makes the customer responsible for the return shipping and has confusing refund provisions. The refund process is confusing, and many Shestorms customers have complained of poor customer service, late delivery, and fake products. These issues make the company’s return policy a shady one.