Quick and Easy Fireplace Setup


In exchange for $10,000, a contractor will install a chimney, hearth, and fireplace in your home. A professional builder isn’t necessary to install a fireplace in every room. There is no need to worry about destroying structural walls or anything else.

You may be left wondering why it wasn’t thought of before by the contractors when you see this fireplace design. If you have everything you need on hand before you begin, constructing this fireplace design should take about four hours. Get the supplies you need and prepare to construct a lovely hearth anywhere you like in your home.

Brick Paving Stones or Slabs 18″x18″
Fireplace Insert Mortar Trowel Mantel Mounted on Wall
Of course, if you think about it, you can make your fireplace look however you like. Pick and choose your materials and construct them to your liking if you don’t like the design arrangement described here. That’s why I love doing things on my own! Take notes on the structure. The next step is to make it your own.

The size of your fireplace will dictate the materials you’ll require. The fireplace dimensions used as the basis for this plan are 4.5 feet wide by 5 feet high (not including the mantel). The mantel should extend past the sides of the fireplace to encompass its entire width.

Determine where in or around your house you’d like to install a fireplace. Eliminate clutter and trim any unnecessary fences. Even if the fireplace isn’t being constructed into the wall, it should still be installed flush with the wall. When removing the border around your design, do so precisely. The ideal placement for your fireplace is flush against the wall.

Get started with a brick foundation. Put some mortar on the wall and lay the first row of bricks. You’ll also need to mortar the floor so the bricks will stick. The ideal dimensions for the hearth’s base are six bricks in width and four in depth. Place mortar in the spaces between bricks. You can find guides on applying mortar neatly online or at a hardware store. This foundation, however, will be buried beneath pavers. Therefore, it’s not essential to get it right the first time.

Spread some mortar over the top of the bricks. Stack the pavers one over another. A good hearth can be made with just three slabs across, providing a six-inch overhang on each side and a two-inch overhang in front. The fireplace is finished. Please wait for the mortar to dry. It won’t be very lengthy.

Attach the brick panel to the wall using mortar to provide a back. Then, construct a pair of columns on either end. The recommended dimensions for each column made of brick and mortar are 10.5″ wide by 54″ high. A sturdy column can be made by stacking three bricks on top of one another and leaving the base unsupported. As you add another stack to the wall, mortar it in place.

The mortar between the bricks in the stack should also be sufficient to level the brick on top. Then, shift the standing brick to the opposite side of the stack. While constructing the third layer, employ a strategy that promotes teamwork.

The paving slab will have more support if holes are drilled into the brick for an L-Bracket. Place the L-Bracket via screws. Use mortar to attach the pavement slab to the column. Fix the L-Bracket to the floor with screws. Continue in this fashion for the next 18″ of both columns.

Mount the mantel floating wall shelf above the column capitals. Install the insert in your fireplace. You’ve run your course. Gather the relatives in here so they may marvel at your handiwork.

This kind of fireplace may be installed anywhere you choose in your house. You may put one anywhere, from the bedroom to the living room to the bathroom. The price tag for this task will vary depending on where you live. But I will bet you can get by with less than $300. That’s better than ten thousand, and the result is considerably more attractive because it reflects your taste and preferences.

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