Just how can People in the World Address Your own personal Ganesh?


You know him called Ganesh, but how do some others address your beloved elephant-headed Lord? And, what are the meanings owned by each of these names which add to the popularity of this Lord of luck? Here is some interesting information about the most popular names of Ganesh. To know about om gan gau ganapataye vighna vinashine swaha benefits, visit here.

Intended for His Family Relations

A few of the names of Ganesh illustrate his relationships with other family members. For instance, his names Eshanputra and Nandana mean ‘Lord Shiva’s son. Another title is Rudrapriya which means ‘beloved of Lord Shiva.

Shambhavi, Umaputra, and Gaurisuta are also names of Ganesha, plus they translate to ‘the boy of Parvati.’ His identity Skandapurvaja implies that he is the ‘elder brother of Lord Skanda.’

For His Power to Cope with Obstacles

Ganesh is known to may help with obstacles from one’s lifetime, and this forms the basis for an array of his popular companies. Avighna and Vighnahara are classified as the names that recognize God as a ‘remover of obstacles. Vighnaharta is another name. This also describes him as seeing that ‘demolisher of obstacles.’ Vighnaraja, Vighnarajendra, Vighnavinashanaya, and Vigneshwara are other names of Ganesh in this category.

For their Body Appearance

Many companies of Lord Ganesha recognize various attributes of their glorious and divine overall look. One of these popular names is Ekadanta which identifies the pup as ‘one with a sole tusk.’ Gajanana is the name fond of Ganesh for his overall look as ‘elephant-headed God. Also, Gajavakra is another popular identity of Ganesh, meaning ‘one with elephant trunk,’ even though Vakratunda also often highlights the curved trunk of Jesus.

Chaturbhuj represents Ganesh seeing that ‘one has four arms.’ The names Kapila and Pitambara make Ganesh familiar united with a ‘yellowish-brown body.’ Different names like Lambakarna and Shoorpakarna make him common as ‘Lord with substantial ears.’ Apart from them, there are various names for Ganesh. This highlights his huge addition to his gigantic appearance. For instance, Vikat and Bheema are some of these kinds of names. Mahabala is another identity that depicts Ganesh as ‘the strong Lord.’

To get his Wisdom

Ganesh has become popular as the God connected with Wisdom and endower connected with intelligence. This quality delivers him to many popular companies. Vidyavaridhi, Buddhinath, and Buddhividhata make him popular, seeing that ‘the God of Wisdom. His names Sarvasiddhanta and Buddhipriya represent him seeing that ‘one who grants intelligence and knowledge.

Other Well-liked Names

Ganesh is called Ganapati because he is the Lord of all Ganas (or Gods). It truly is one of the names found decorated on Ganesh statues. Siddhivinayaka is another name of Ganesh that has made him popular since ‘Endower of Success.’ If you are the Lord of auspiciousness, Ganesh is called by another popular name Mangalamurti. Vinayaka is also one of the names regarding Ganesh that translates to ‘Lord of all.

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