Best Sites to Buy Perfume


Online shopping can be difficult when purchasing perfume. Since scratch-and-sniff computers are not yet available, reading descriptions thoroughly is critical to understanding what the top, middle, and base notes mean. Learn the best info about perfume shops.

Some beauty retailers make the process easy, and we have identified some great sites where you can purchase perfume online.


Nordstrom’s website is an excellent way to discover luxurious perfumes. It offers brands like Chanel, Le Labo, and Jo Malone, as well as gift-worthy bottles (for yourself or someone else). Filters by gender, brand, and scent family help narrow your search further, while fast shipping and an accommodating return policy are added benefits of shopping here.

Though not technically a perfume store, TJ Maxx is an excellent way to purchase perfume online. With an expansive selection of top designer fragrances, clear and concise descriptions, and price and fragrance type filtering capabilities to help you find your ideal match, TJ Maxx makes finding perfume online more accessible than ever!

Sephora offers another excellent way to purchase perfume online: their e-store boasts an expansive selection of scents from well-known designers. Their descriptions are concise and include lists of key ingredients so that it’s easier for customers to find their ideal scent match. In addition, sample sizes may also help when testing new scents!

Snif is a relatively new perfume website making a name for itself through its TikTok-famous fragrances. The direct-to-consumer brand stands out with its stylish packaging and popular fragrances such as Santal 33. Though often sold out of popular fragrances on virtual shelves, Snif offers samples with every purchase and generous return policies due to perfume being such an unpredictable commodity. They even offer subscription services so consumers can sample fragrances without making an immediate commitment!


The online version of an iconic department store is an excellent place to purchase perfume. Offering an expansive selection, its search filters make it simple to narrow your choices down by price, fragrance type, and notes—making finding your ideal scent easier than ever! Plus, there are helpful descriptions that explain precisely what each one smells like. Unfortunately, though, this site doesn’t allow users to try before they buy.

Perfume can be expensive, so an effective way to save money when purchasing it is to do it online from a discount site. These sites typically offer a vast selection of perfumes and colognes and often offer coupons as incentives to purchase them; some even provide sample bottles so you can test out different scents before committing to buy a whole bottle. Plus, many have generous return policies, so if you change your mind, you only lose a little by shopping there!

One great place to buy perfume online is directly from the perfume brands themselves. Some websites even provide subscription services that let you test out new scents monthly (think Gucci Moonlight Serenade or Diptyque Do Son). Furthermore, some sites specialize in clean beauty by only accepting products with ingredients they deem to be safe (think Gucci Moonlight Serenade or Diptyque Do Son).

However, their website can be challenging to use and, at times, slow down considerably. Furthermore, customer service can sometimes be relatively poor, and loyalty points may remain with them for months before you can redeem them back – for these reasons alone, I recommend shopping elsewhere, such as Nordstrom or Sephora, instead of Bloomingdale.


Ulta Beauty is America’s largest beauty retailer, and its fragrance selection is equally expansive. Its fragrance landing page makes navigation simple by categorizing its selection into scent families such as floral, fresh, warm, and spicy. In addition, it offers full-size and travel-sized spritzers, free shipping, and returns without a receipt, provided that payment was made with a credit card as part of its loyalty program.

Ulta offers an expansive selection of brands and products, and it is exclusive to Ulta items. Notable ones include Dr. Jart+ and GXVE by Gwen Stefani, Anastasia Beverly Hills, bareMinerals, beauty blender, and Dyson products. In addition, Burberry, Gucci, Chanel, and Givenchy perfumes can be found there.

Not only do they sell perfume, but they also have skincare, makeup, and haircare from an array of different brands. They are ideal places for clean beauty enthusiasts as they adhere to strict standards on ingredients they carry or don’t carry. Plus, they have many smaller indie labels that are not found elsewhere, such as Ellis Brooklyn, Heretic, and Sana Jardin!

Ulta offers an incredible rewards program with points, discounts, and exclusive offers – plus, they support women and girls around the world through Project Glimmer! Suppose you live outside of the United States and need access to their stores or website directly. In that case, services like ForwardMe offer services that make purchasing online possible from wherever in the world you may reside – meaning you can take advantage of Ulta’s excellent sales without physically going into one! Just ensure you use a reliable provider that ships your purchases safely.


Before buying perfume online, it’s essential to conduct extensive research. Many websites provide free or affordable samples of fragrances to help you assess whether or not they suit your taste; some even allow users to test out bottles for several days before making their decision about purchase or return. Unfortunately, because perfumes are consumable products, the next buyer may not want them as replacements if you are unhappy with what you receive. It can be challenging to return if something doesn’t satisfy you.

Walmart is an ideal way to purchase perfume on the cheap. Their site provides access to high-end fragrances at significantly reduced prices than in-person stores and stocks a selection of brands like Juicy Couture, Calvin Klein, and Jimmy Choo – plus, there are detailed descriptions of each fragrance, which may help if you aren’t sure which type suits your preference best.

Luckyscent is another fantastic site to purchase perfume. It offers an extensive selection of niche scents at discounted prices and provides free samples with purchases. Its prices tend to be cheaper than competing perfume discounters, and it frequently runs promotions and coupons on its site. Plus, customers can rate fragrances to help find exactly the scent they’re searching for!

If you’re in the market for a new perfume, shop from an online retailer that sells only authentic products. This will help ensure that you receive optimal value for your money and avoid purchasing an unauthentic knockoff that could cause skin damage. In addition, reading reviews before making a decision could provide insight into its quality.

Le Labo

Are You A Fragrance Enthusiast? Le Labo Perfumes Are Here! | TikTok If you love fragrance, chances are good you have seen Le Labo perfumes pop up on TikTok or seen one of its signature scents worn by famous faces; you have probably come across Le Labo perfumes before. Though part of beauty behemoth The Estee Lauder Companies, Le Labo maintains its small-batch mentality by sticking to their principles; each scent is made from one natural raw ingredient with personalized labels printed right in-store (1.7, 3.4, and 16.9 fluid-ounce bottles available). Although their prices may initially seem high to some shoppers, remember that when purchasing Santal 33 or another Le Labo fragrance store, you are getting personalized service where a cosmetic expert hand mixes the fragrance precisely for your site by an experienced cosmetics expert on the spot!

Santal 33, Le Labo’s iconic unisex scent that has become an icon of New York City culture, can cost as much as $220 for a single 1.7-ounce bottle. However, to try its fragrance without breaking the bank, try one of its discovery sets, which come equipped with 50ml spray bottles as testers to use before exchanging if you fall in love.

Autumn West, Nordstrom’s National Beauty Director, recommends Le Labo’s Lavande 31 as an updated take on classic lavender perfumery. While lavender scents are often seen as feminine or outdated, this version from Le Labo blends lavender with woods and spices for a truly modern take.

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