Art Deco Interior Design


Art Deco interiors are distinguished by luxurious furnishings featuring geometric patterns, corner edges, and high-grade materials like mirrors, inlaid wood, or lacquer. Quick tips on Bodaq interior film.

Art Deco design captures the glamour and sophistication of its period, while its modern versions can also be aesthetically pleasing. This style can easily add glamour and elegance to any space quickly and affordably.


Art Deco wall art adds an air of decadence and classic style to any traditional or modern space. Boasting striking geometric designs, vibrant colors, and vintage patterns reminiscent of its time, Art Deco wall art provides an easy way to bring some history into modern decor schemes.

Decorating in this style means emphasizing contrast using bold yet complementary hues – an integral characteristic of its era. Pair vibrant reds, blues, yellows, and greens with soft neutral tones for an inviting home environment.

Geometric shapes, sweeping curves, and sunburst motifs are hallmarks of Art Deco mirrors and wall art, helping you achieve its style without breaking the bank. Implementing them into your room design can help achieve it effortlessly.


Mirrors are objects that reflect light from one space area into another by changing its direction, wavelength, and polarization.

Mirrored wall panels or full-length pieces are frequently employed in art Deco interior design to create the impression of more space in a room and often serve as accent pieces that cover flaws such as paint blemishes or holes.

For an artistic Art Deco aesthetic, custom-cut geometric mirrors surrounded by radiating shards can create an arresting pattern that blends both glass’s beauty and the drama of this style.


Upholstery refers to the soft furnishings on chairs, sofas, and other pieces of furniture, such as mattresses, that cover them in fabric, padding, webbing, and springs.

Upholstery can help customize any room in which it’s placed – be it the living room, replacing an outdated couch, or making commercial furniture more comfortable and durable – and increase its resale value.

As with any design element, upholstery can have an immense effect on the energy and style of any room. Experiment with different patterns, colors, and prints for an individual and customized feel in each piece you add to your furniture collection.

Art Deco interior designers were known to use fabrics featuring nature-inspired patterns, such as flowers and leaves woven together on an angular grid to form iconic designs.

Statement art

If you want to bring Art Deco style into your home, invest in statement art – from paintings or sculptures – which will add extra character and help set the mood of each room.

Design trends such as Art Deco have gained immense popularity since their emergence in the 1920s due to their luxurious materials and opulent tones. Today, it remains a sophisticated luxury statement that influences modern decor trends.

Art Deco interiors can be instantly identifiable by how most pieces are symmetrically arranged around a focal point. Try positioning your furniture symmetrically and using hard finishes as contrast elements.

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