Bauer Demolition Hammer


A demolition hammer is a mighty power tool designed explicitly for construction-based project activities. There are electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic demolition hammers on the market, each with its own set of benefits. Bauer makes an outstanding heavy-duty option. Their detailed safety instructions cover assembly, operating procedures, inspection processes, and cleaning protocols for maximum user convenience. Find the best Demolition Elk Grove.

Powerful 15 Amp Motor

As with any project, selecting the appropriate power tool can be challenging. A demolition hammer, which may prove invaluable, is a powerful machine that specializes in dismantling structures such as concrete surfaces and tile flooring.

Though commonly associated with construction workers, jackhammers can also be purchased in smaller sizes for use at home by DIY-ers. While professional-grade versions rely on air compressors to power their impactful demolition skills, DIY versions use electricity instead for mighty surface destruction.

This powerful 15 amp motor provides over 55 ft-lbs of impact energy for heavy-duty tasks. Anti-vibration features and insulating rubber grips help minimize fatigue while you work, and this breaker hammer accepts both collared and uncollared bits for your convenience.

Anti-Vibration Design

Demolition hammers are powerful tools explicitly designed to break through concrete and other heavy materials. The Bauer demolition hammer features an anti-vibration design to reduce user fatigue and strain during use. It also features an innovative soft no-load function that automatically lowers motor speed when not needed, increasing both tool lifespan and performance. Furthermore, its motor features field core interlocking steel laminations for added strength as well as dual ball bearing armatures for added durability.

This hammer accepts both collared and uncollared bits. A heavy-duty rolling storage case is included. Additionally, its powerful 15-amp motor generates 55ft-lbs of impact energy with 1,400 blows per minute, and its insulating rubber grips reduce fatigue and strain during use.

Insulating Rubber Grip

This demolition hammer features an insulated rubber grip to reduce fatigue and discomfort during prolonged use, such as for concrete drilling and demolition tasks. Furthermore, its vibration control feature further alleviates user discomfort. Moreover, an operator’s manual provides safety warnings as well as instructions for assembly, operation, inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of this tool.

To operate this demolition hammer, press the switch. Keep pushing until your work is finished before turning it off again. A red indicator light indicates when carbon brushes need replacing, helping avoid damage and downtime.