Memory loss at the hands of the internet @NYT #EdTech #Education #k12

A series of psychology experiments conducted by Betsy Sparrow of Columbia University and reported by the NYT suggest that we may be moving toward distributed memory. That is, knowing that information is accessible to us through the web at the press of a few imprints on our touch screen, we make pointers in our brains […]

A critical examination of School of One pilot study

School of One is all over the blogosphere. I took a close look at their website tonight for the first time. The program is interesting. It appears that the company is using a comprehensive algorithm that is not only adaptive inside of the box, but outside as well. The algorithm considers how best to meet […]

Feedback Loops to Change Behavior

The cover article for this month’s (19.07) Wired magazine is about feedback loops. Goetz reviews studies in which people provided with immediate feedback about their actions in a non-threatening way respond better than an abstract threat or incentive. What might this mean for designing EdTech applications? If student input is immediate and teacher feedback is […]