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Deep Learning, Deeper Learning, and The Deepest Learning

Last week, the IgnitEd board hosted an Artificial Intelligence talk at Stanford’s Spiker Engineering and Applied Sciences Center with Remi El-Ouzzane, now a Vice President and General Manager at Intel Corporation. Intel purchased Remi’s Movidius last fall. The tag line for Movidius is, “Visual sensing for the internet of things.” Remi answered many questions for the mixed […]

Radical Education Reform Seems Sensible

Recently, a diverse group of educationists from both the education and business worlds endeavored to envision what a 21st Century education should look like to prepare young people for the world of work and opportunity that exists right now.

How to Rock a Group Discussion

Deep collaboration and group work can generate products and ideas that are at the height of our capabilities as a species, but highly functioning groups are rare.