@Google + safe for #EdTech classroom use?


Today Google announced another attempt to inhabit the social networking world with Google +. I don’t think this is to be confused with Google +1 (out since March) which allows users to like sites so that when their friends (presumably those in their contacts list) visit the same site, they see that it has been given the stamp of approval by a friend. Google +1 is really cool irrespective of the significance that Google + ( no ‘1’) may or may not have for the EdTech world.

I am hopeful for two reasons. One, I loved Google wave and tried to rope in my friends, but they had already been claimed by Facebook. Two, it appears, based on this NYT review, that you will better be able to manage subgroups of your contacts than you can right now on FB. This has been a problem for me on FB and was the inspiration that gave birth to this WordPress Blog. I couldn’t keep my FB EdTech group separate from my list of all friends when tweeting. My mom doesn’t care about Google + or anything else EdTech related. She just wants to see staged photos of the kids. And I certainly do not want my high school students seeing pictures of me changing out of my wetsuit and inadvertently showing the world a big white moon that my younger brothers tag on FB.

Perhaps Google might also be a bit more careful about protecting our personal information. Here’s to hoping.

16 thoughts on “@Google + safe for #EdTech classroom use?

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